Hello Again

We haven't spoken in awhile.

The second anniversary of Hello From the Wired is only a few days away, and just recently was given an amazing zine treatment by @spicegirlsinfo. The last time anything was written on cyber-nihilism was over a year ago now, and since then Ensorcel was taken down by nildicit, who felt that the project had reached its end. This has unfortunately broken a lot of links scattered throughout the Wired to the other two posts so far on cyber-nihilism, the recap and the first Redux post.

It has been mentioned several times but not officially announced anywhere yet for anyone who might be just finding this site or who follows this but not other emanations of n1x in the Wired (unlikely) that the Redux series is kill. The gap between Hello From the Wired, the recap, and the first Redux post has been so long and sporadic that this seems better suited to being made into a single book-length project. This was the original plan to follow up Hello From the Wired, but this fell by the wayside for various reasons.

This makes having a sub-blog to NYXUS now rather pointless, but perhaps in due time this space will find more use other than for future announcements.

For the sake of preserving against link rot, here is the first version of the zine edition of Hello From the Wired hosted on IPFS at the following hash: QmVfPZsbMqQBoLHsKfsrzWcuN6fc6ssor5wsQwLrG6qB3K

EDIT: Due to the IPFS gateway not consistently working, I have also uploaded the zine edition of Hello From the Wired to my git repo that contains all my other writings: https://codeberg.org/nyx/writings/raw/branch/master/nihil/hellofromthewired-zine.pdf

Created: 2024-01-31 Wed 04:28